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Danna Linn Barnett

Danna is an experienced system engineer with over 17 years of experience in satellite system engineering, astrodynamics and orbit control, STK & simulation.

Previously employed at Israel's leading and innovative companies, she fulfilled leading roles as system engineer at the space systems Directorate in Rafael, and in the Technological Mission on the Israeli - French VENUS satellite. Furthermore, Danna worked as a system engineer at Effective Space Solutions R&D, providing overall mission design of the SPACEDRONE ™ On Orbit servicing satellite which is designed to provide life extension for aging GEO satellites. She is also working on Space debris and malfunctioned satellite behavior, active debris removal and mega-constellations post mission disposal.

Currently, Danna is a senior satellite and mission systems engineer in a remote sensing mission. Danna holds both BSc & MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Aerospace Engineering Department, Technion, Israel, and is also an ISU alumnus (SSP16).

Danna is also part of D-MARS (Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station), and always excited to be part of outreach and promoting women in STEM.

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