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I, the undersigned, wish to join as a member of WiSpace association for the professional advancement of Israeli women in the space sector:

Contact information:

I am interested in helping or taking action to etablish the following:

I, the undersigned, wish to join as a member of WiSpace association. I am over 21 years old.

I confirm the full correctness of my personal details.

I undertake to comply with the provisions of the association's regulations and the resolutions of the association's general meeting as they will be made from time to time and even if I have not read the Terms and Conditions, I confirm and declare that I have been given the opportunity to read the Terms and Conditions and that I agree that these Terms and Conditions will apply to me and bind me for all intents and purposes, in part because I have chosen not to read the Terms and Conditions of my own free will.

I know that I have no legal obligation to provide the above details and I provide them voluntarily and with my consent and I know that if it is discovered that I intentionally provided incorrect information, the association may cancel my membership and I will not be entitled to a refund of the membership fees.


By submitting this form I hereby confirm my request to join as a member of WiSpace association:

Thank you for joining! We will contact you shortly.

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