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WiSpace Israeli Space Week

0:0-5:00 Danna Linn Barnett, WiSpace Chairwoman

5:00-24:30 Dr. Diana Laufer, 

Scientific Director of Givatayim Observatory in Israel, "Chasing Comets"  


25:00-1:1:15 Dr. Dorit Donoviel Director Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH). 

Following the lectures there was a Q&A session

Virtual WiSpace Conference Lectures


Dr. Nili Mandelblit presenting WiSpace; Vision, Mission and Values

Danna Linn Barnett presenting Covid-19 and the Space Sector

Prof. Ardon-Dryer presenting Covid-19 Ensuring Gender Equity in Academia

Portrait of Israeli Space Professional Women; Maya Glickman-Pariente, Maayane Soumagnac Mor and Naama Glauber

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