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Meet Dema Morad - WiSpace 2022 IAC Scholarship Winner

Dema Morad is the WiSpace scholarship winner for the 2022 IAC. We met Dema for a short interview, to hear about her experience from the IAC and her plans for the future as a young professional in the space industry.

Tell us a little about yourself.

“My name is Dema Morad, I’m 24 and I’m currently finishing my BSc for Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University. For the past year I am a research assistant in a study by Prof. Alex Liberzon, investigating the impact of Air Lensing on electro-optical equipment, and I’m also working on my graduation project which is a mechanical design of a glider for the atmospheric conditions on Mars.”

Are you planning to proceed to a Msc?

“Yes, actually. It was the participation in the IAC that persuaded me to pursue this option. I’m currently looking into the possibility of an MSc degree somewhere abroad.”

I’m happy to hear that the scholarship had an impact on your decision. Is there a specific university that you are interested in?

“Not at the moment, I’m looking into all my options.”

So, tell me how did you hear about WiSpace in the first place?

“I’m active in a student’s group SpaceTAU and someone there introduced me to WiSpace.”

When did you became interested in space and the science of space?

“Since childhood really, but it always seemed to me as distant and unattainable. I come from a small village in Israel, I didn’t have any access to this field-that is, I thought that to be able to learn and research space you had to get in a prestigious program in an elite university abroad. I slowly discovered that my aspirations are more attainable than I think, through SpaceTAU and WiSpace I learned what the local ecosystem has to offer.”

How was IAC?

“Very Interesting and exciting. There were many students from all over the world that were presenting fascinating projects. I really enjoyed the networking, discovering new fields and things I didn’t think were possible. Now I have lots of information to make better decisions for my own career and what opportunities I have, where as before my perspective was limited. It’s a very empowering experience that gives me the needed motivation to keep pursuing my passion. I would love to return to the IAC as a presenter in the future.”

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

“Finish my BSc and continue to an MSc abroad.”

Good luck! Can you tell us about your thoughts on the representation of women in the space industry here in Israel, and abroad- from your experience in the IAC?

“Yes! I feel like in Israel, the women in the space industry have a greater impact and a voice. It’s reassuring, I guess we’re at a good place compared to the rest of the world. It’s hard for me to say that for sure, because I’m not yet part of the industry, I’m still in school. I’m hearing that there are definitely challenges, but I’m optimistic about the trend.”

To wrap up- what advice can you give girls and young women who are interested in space?

“Don’t be afraid, it’s an amazing field that is growing and expanding in so many directions, there are opportunities for everyone. Dare.”

Find Dema on LinkedIn:

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